SOUTHWARK: A borough in London (Part 2)

It was now early afternoon & as I stood suitably sustained outside The Founders Arms on the banks of the River Thames, I was ready to stride forth once again into the throng along London’s Southbank. From boozer I sallied my way westwards once again along The Queens Walk passing the iconic Blackfriars bridge & the pillared remnants of the not-so-iconic Blackfriars Railway Bridge. On a slightly macabre note, it was under this bridge that in June 1982 that a chap by the name of Roberto Calvi was found hanging from one of the span arches, with $14’000 of different … Continue reading SOUTHWARK: A borough in London (Part 2)

SOUTHWARK: A borough in London (Part 1)

London; the capital city of the Great Britain. As a frequent visitor to this part of the country, I thought I would describe an area about which I have dawdled many-a-time; Southwark (pronounced by those familiar with those parts as Suvuck). Located on the South Bank of the River Thames, it was first mentioned as Sudweca in the Doomsday Book in 1086 (not sure if one can get hold of the Kindle edition), Southwark meaning “Surrey Folk’s Fort”, dates from the ninth century where it was formed as a defensive position by King Alfred, although the actual location was briefly … Continue reading SOUTHWARK: A borough in London (Part 1)