Letters to the Editor

Dear Mr Street, As one military chap to another, I would like to whole-heartedly commend you on your highly informative periodical about the dignified & gentlemanly art of ‘dawdling’. And in these dank days of absurd political correctness, it is a welcome relief to read something that doesn’t kowtow to the media-believing, liberal masses. As chairman of the Worshipful & Noble Company of Swanners & Skivers, I would like to inform your readers about our prestigious history & the deep integration Swanning & Skiving has with the British Forces. As you stated in your introductory letter, the term swanning correctly … Continue reading Letters to the Editor

The Dawdlers Aide-memoire (Part 2)

Stepping out the front door It is jolly easy for me as an experienced dawdler to spout-on about how to get outside & just dawdle, but for some the simple act of stepping out of the front door can seem like an impossible challenge, especially if one is suffering with the condition known as lazybastarditis a debilitating affliction which attacks the motivational centre in the brain, rendering a person utterly incapable of any form of physical exertion. Therefore, as way of assistance I have included a small refresher section on the art of simple walking. Simple walking If one still … Continue reading The Dawdlers Aide-memoire (Part 2)