The Dawdlers Aide-memoire (Part 1)

For those born into this ‘modern-age’ the concept of dawdling can seem a little daunting & bewildering. The ability to saunter along at a leisurely tempo whilst appreciating the architecture & landscape is for many at odds to the angst-ridden, ‘snooze & you lose’ frenetic attitude that is culturally rife in society at this present time. Therefore, I have decided to produce a small, but perfectly formed aide-memoire for those who need a little guidance on how to approach dawdling for the first time. But before one even takes a step outside the front door, one has to be suitably … Continue reading The Dawdlers Aide-memoire (Part 1)

THE BROMPTON: A bicycle made for dawdling

“Ya look a right f**king nob on that” exclaimed my Northern, champion pie-eating, ex-army buddy. It is not often that I start my articles with an expletive, but the reason for his foul-mouthed outburst was that he had just witnessed me riding my Brompton for the first time. But as #offended as I was to his over exuberant & frankly childish, risible diatribe*, to be honest I kind of understood where he was coming from. Up until my day of Brompton conversion, I to would of worn a grin when observing an adult perched on top of one of these … Continue reading THE BROMPTON: A bicycle made for dawdling