Letters to the Editor

Dear Mr Street, As one military chap to another, I would like to whole-heartedly commend you on your highly informative periodical about the dignified & gentlemanly art of ‘dawdling’. And in these dank days of absurd political correctness, it is a welcome relief to read something that doesn’t kowtow to the media-believing, liberal masses. As chairman of the Worshipful & Noble Company of Swanners & Skivers, I would like to inform your readers about our prestigious history & the deep integration Swanning & Skiving has with the British Forces. As you stated in your introductory letter, the term swanning correctly … Continue reading Letters to the Editor

SOUTHWARK: A borough in London (Part 2)

It was now early afternoon & as I stood suitably sustained outside The Founders Arms on the banks of the River Thames, I was ready to stride forth once again into the throng along London’s Southbank. From boozer I sallied my way westwards once again along The Queens Walk passing the iconic Blackfriars bridge & the pillared remnants of the not-so-iconic Blackfriars Railway Bridge. On a slightly macabre note, it was under this bridge that in June 1982 that a chap by the name of Roberto Calvi was found hanging from one of the span arches, with $14’000 of different … Continue reading SOUTHWARK: A borough in London (Part 2)

The Dawdlers Aide-memoire (Part 2)

Stepping out the front door It is jolly easy for me as an experienced dawdler to spout-on about how to get outside & just dawdle, but for some the simple act of stepping out of the front door can seem like an impossible challenge, especially if one is suffering with the condition known as lazybastarditis a debilitating affliction which attacks the motivational centre in the brain, rendering a person utterly incapable of any form of physical exertion. Therefore, as way of assistance I have included a small refresher section on the art of simple walking. Simple walking If one still … Continue reading The Dawdlers Aide-memoire (Part 2)

The Dawdlers Aide-memoire (Part 1)

For those born into this ‘modern-age’ the concept of dawdling can seem a little daunting & bewildering. The ability to saunter along at a leisurely tempo whilst appreciating the architecture & landscape is for many at odds to the angst-ridden, ‘snooze & you lose’ frenetic attitude that is culturally rife in society at this present time. Therefore, I have decided to produce a small, but perfectly formed aide-memoire for those who need a little guidance on how to approach dawdling for the first time. But before one even takes a step outside the front door, one has to be suitably … Continue reading The Dawdlers Aide-memoire (Part 1)

SOUTHWARK: A borough in London (Part 1)

London; the capital city of the Great Britain. As a frequent visitor to this part of the country, I thought I would describe an area about which I have dawdled many-a-time; Southwark (pronounced by those familiar with those parts as Suvuck). Located on the South Bank of the River Thames, it was first mentioned as Sudweca in the Doomsday Book in 1086 (not sure if one can get hold of the Kindle edition), Southwark meaning “Surrey Folk’s Fort”, dates from the ninth century where it was formed as a defensive position by King Alfred, although the actual location was briefly … Continue reading SOUTHWARK: A borough in London (Part 1)

THE BROMPTON: A bicycle made for dawdling

“Ya look a right f**king nob on that” exclaimed my Northern, champion pie-eating, ex-army buddy. It is not often that I start my articles with an expletive, but the reason for his foul-mouthed outburst was that he had just witnessed me riding my Brompton for the first time. But as #offended as I was to his over exuberant & frankly childish, risible diatribe*, to be honest I kind of understood where he was coming from. Up until my day of Brompton conversion, I to would of worn a grin when observing an adult perched on top of one of these … Continue reading THE BROMPTON: A bicycle made for dawdling

PORTSMOUTH: A city in Hampshire

When I first commented to a former resident that I was considering visiting Portsmouth, the prestigious home of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, I must admit I was a little taken aback by their answer – “Don’t bother going into the city – it’s bloody awful”. Needless to say I heeded their advice & avoided the central district like the plague & as my train rolled through the suburbs, instead of disembarking at Portsmouth & Southsea, I stayed-on for a further 2 minutes into Portsmouth Harbour Station, whereby I was immediately treated to the impressive sight of HMS Warrior – a … Continue reading PORTSMOUTH: A city in Hampshire

TEA: Definitely not beer

There is one liquid that I cannot live without & that is beer, I mean tea, definitely tea & definitely not beer. Sorry, easy mistake to make especially when it is a boiling hot evening & you could just partake in a nice, refreshing, pint of…… Where was I? Oh yes, back to tea. For us British, there is nothing quite like enjoying a lovely cuppa with friends to promote camaraderie & friendship. Although it has been around in China for a few thousand years, I do believe tea is a relative newcomer to this country, being introduced to British … Continue reading TEA: Definitely not beer