Dear Sir/Madam,

Being an advocate of the physical lifestyle, having once cycled from Reading (my current town of residence) to Pangbourne (a village approximately 6 & 1/2 miles to the west), I do believe that there is no greater quintessentially British pastime than that of dawdling. For those unfamiliar with this leisure activity, dawdling can be succinctly defined as ‘unhurried exploration about a town, city, or other place of interest, undertaken for the purposes of mental stimulation & personal development’.

Although in this overly frenetic modern age, there are some who suggest that dawdling is nothing more than swanning or even skiving in another guise, but as a gentleman I would like to assure you that these assumptions are baseless & completely unjust. Swanning is performed, by & large, by married chaps who commit to sudden bouts of high-intensity exercise in order to avoid being tasked with a chore by their partners, & similarly, although we admire the skill & expertise of the professional skiver in their subtle avoidance of any form of labour, the term skiving is actually reserved for those in paid employment.

Dawdling on the other hand, is all about mooching, ambling & generally bimbling about a place, at a relaxed tempo, appreciating the topography & the history, whilst at the same time immersing oneself in local culture, such as public houses, cake shops & pie retailers.

Therefore, if I may be so bold, I would like to submit for your casual perusal The Dawdlers Guide – an online periodical designed for both the experienced & novice dawdler alike. Within these engorged pages you will find a veritable smorgasbord of Fascinating Articles into this most pleasurable of arts, which describe the actual routes that I have taken, along with scintillating snippets of scandalous trivia which I have personally uncovered along the way.

Should you wish to follow developments in the world of dawdling, kindly input your electronic address in the box below for our regular updates.

Yours faithfully

DL Street, Esq. Editor

PS. I fully expect that in the current climate of snowflakery that there will be some who will be #offended by my mode of writing. Should you feel that you have the right to advise me about my lack of political correctness, I would like to refer you to the ‘What to do with your opinion’ procedure located within the articles section of this site.